4 Reasons to Buy an Aluminium Front Door

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Aluminium front doors are increasing in popularity as the rate of setup falls. There are a lot of styles and colours to choose from, making it appropriate for various kinds of houses.

However, like any material, it has its advantages and disadvantages. We have created a handy list so you can see if the advantages outweigh the downsides for your home.

Pros of aluminium front doors

Strong and durable

Considering that the front door is the main entranceway into your home, you want to guarantee that it’s secure and keeps your home safe from unwanted visitors. Aluminium is strong and durable, so it can stand up to a good deal of force.

Aluminium is likewise resistant to rust, and won’t rot gradually like wooden doors will. Expect an aluminium door to last decades – you might just have to change your front door once in your lifetime.

Excellent appearance

Aluminium front doors look magnificent on modern-day homes, as they are often sleek and simple. However they can also look great on older style homes as there are lots of styles and colours to select.

Producers colour aluminium utilising a powder coating, but you can also paint your aluminium door if you get bored of the colour. However bear in mind standard paint might begin to chip and fracture under consistent heat of the sun and rain, so ensure you utilise a credible brand of paint.


If you’re trying to find a bespoke door, aluminium is a great option as it has an exceptional strength-to-weight ratio. That means you can have designs with big windows and other features that uPVC or wood might not have the ability to endure.


Aluminium front doors are a sustainable choice since they can be recycled. Recycling centres can melt down the metal and make other items with it with no decline in quality, so aluminium is an ideal option if you want to be environmentally-friendly.

Cons of aluminium front doors

High upkeep

The parts that comprise aluminium doors can rub against each other with time, which can result in problems with jamming and you may wind up not being able to shut your front door. To prevent this, you have to oil the parts with a suitable product regularly.

Not thermally efficient

Since aluminium is a metal, that implies it conducts heat well. This isn’t ideal for your energy bills as you’ll notice that it will take a lot more heat to keep the rooms warm in your house. In the summertime, it’ll be harder to keep the rooms cool.

Issues with condensation

Because aluminium is an excellent heat conductor, it means you can wind up with condensation. You may find that in humid rooms near your front door, water beads form on the glass or door frame due to the fact that they are cooler than the temperature of the room. If you don’t deal with the problem quickly, you can wind up with mould growth which can look unattractive and also trigger health issues.

Now that you know the advantages and disadvantages of aluminium doors, the decision is yours. Whether you opt to choose uPVC, wood, composite or aluminium, we can assist you to discover a pro to install your brand-new front door. Simply fill in the form below to discover approximately 4 installers in your location.

System Boilers: The Benefits and Drawbacks to Help you Decide

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Individuals choose to change their boiler for a variety of factors. It may be that their existing one is malfunctioning, old or ineffective.

When you’re choosing a new boiler, you have numerous options offered. These include combi boilers, conventional boilers and system boilers.

Each of these boilers operate in various ways and are matched to different home sizes.

System boilers are often known as sealed system boilers. Like conventional boilers they have warm water cylinders, but they do not have cold water tanks. System boilers are usually set up in bigger domestic or business homes.

To help you decide whether you need a system boiler in your home, we have produced a list of their benefits and drawbacks.


Can provide hot water to a number of taps

System boilers can supply hot water to a number of taps at one time. They can do this without setting off a drop in water pressure. This is because system boilers heat water ahead of time, so when hot taps are turned on the hot water can right away go to any place it’s needed.

This contrasts with combi boilers, which don’t heat water in advance and as a result struggle to heat adequate water for numerous taps at the same time. This can lead to water that is not at an adequate temperature or low in pressure.

So while combi boilers are fantastic for smaller sized homes, system boilers are better suited for larger domestic or commercial properties, where hot water may be needed from numerous taps at the same time.

Takes up less space than a traditional boiler

System boilers use up less space than standard boilers. This is since they do not have a cold water tank, whereas standard boilers do. So if you wish to install a system boiler in your home, you simply need to find space for a hot water tank and the boiler itself.

system boilers shower

Compatible with solar hot water heater

Like standard boilers, a great deal of system boilers work with solar water heating systems. This is due to the fact that they have hot water tanks, which can be adjusted or changed to heat water using solar energy.

Combi boilers do not have hot water tanks, and are therefore not generally compatible. So if you wish to utilise solar water heating, a system boiler might be an excellent choice for you.


Only warms up water ahead of time

System boilers just heat water ahead of time. This means that you have to have your boiler on a timer that you can set to heat water for when you generally need it, or you’ll have to keep in mind to turn it on before you need it.

This usually works well for individuals who have routine regimens, nevertheless if you desire to use warm water at various times on different days, a system boiler might not be for you.

Hot water can run out

Another downside to the way system boilers work is that the hot water they produce can run out. A system boiler’s hot water tank can only store a certain amount of water, so if you utilise a huge quantity of hot water at one time it may end up running out. And as system boilers can only heat water ahead of time, you’ll have to wait for the hot water tank to fill prior to using hot water again.

Takes up more space than a combi boiler

System boilers take up more space than combi boilers. This is due to the fact that combi boilers do not need a hot water tank, whereas system boilers do. So if you have limited space in your house, a system boiler might not be the absolute best choice.

So now you must know a bit more about system boilers and whether you should get one for your home. If you desire to install one and need an engineer to fit it, we can assist. Fill in our online form and we’ll link you with up to 4 experts in your area. Or to discover other boilers, take a look at our info on combi and conventional boilers.

3 Reasons Why You Should Replace Your Old Electrical Components

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Most people don’t think about their electric outlets or plug sockets very much.

But old electrical components can damage your property’s installation and be a serious safety hazard.

Keep reading to learn why it’s important to upgrade your electric outlets before they get too old.
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8 Things to Help you Decide whether to buy an Aluminium Conservatory

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Aluminium is a metal that is increasingly being used for conservatory frames. It used to be unpopular, as older designs had poor energy efficiency rates. But now most aluminium conservatories have good insulating qualities, and their recognition is on the up.

But is an aluminium conservatory right for you? We’ve come up with a list of benefits and drawbacks to help you decide.
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Paved Patios: the Advantages and Disadvantages

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There are many ways to make a patio. And one of the best ways is to use paving. A paved patio can be long-lasting, low maintenance and a great addition to your garden.

However, paving is not the best choice for everyone and does have some downsides. To help you work out if a paved patio is right for you, we’ve come up with its main advantages and disadvantages.
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How to Keep Your Driveway in Top Condition

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A new driveway is a significant investment. Installing a brand new driveway will take up time and money but it’s usually worth it. It will have a positive effect on you and your household and create a great first impression of your home to visitors.

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5 Steps to Remove Fleas from your Home for Good

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Fleas are a headache to get rid of as soon as they’ve got into your home. They will breed so quickly that when you get just one flea in your home it’s too late.

Fleas are parasites, which means that they require a host to reside off. If you’ve got a family pet, they will leap onto them and reside off their heat, hair and bloodstream.

Furthermore, they can survive within your carpets, simply coming up in order to suck on the blood during the day before coming back, so you aren’t safe even if you don’t have house animals.

If you think you might have fleas, there are several things you have to do as soon as possible to get rid of all of them.
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6 Common Roofing Problems and How to Solve Them

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As an exposed part of your property, your roof can take quite a beating. But it’s important to keep it in good condition so your home is protected.

Part of looking after your roof is keeping an eye on it. If you frequently check it for damage then you should be able to fix it before the problem gets worse.
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