6 Pancake Day-Inspired Ways to Make Your Kitchen the Ideal Sociable Space

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Open plan home layouts are currently very popular, kitchen-diners in particular. Historically, kitchens were as removed as possible from dining areas, but this trend died along with the idea that you should have servants to do the cooking. Now we want living spaces where we can cook and socialise with friends and family. And this is pretty understandable – no one likes being confined to the kitchen while the people they love enjoy spending time together in another room. Continue reading…

8 Reasons to call a Trusted Tradesperson

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Christmas is over, and you might be turning to the jobs that need doing around the house. But do you try to tackle them yourself, or do you call in a trusted tradesperson?

The tempting option can be to do some DIY, especially after Christmas, as every penny counts.

But is it worth it? We think that whilst it’s great to do some jobs yourself, larger projects should be left to the pros. Read on to find out why we think sometimes it’s best to call a trusted tradesperson.
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How Home Improvement Companies can Benefit your Health

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We bet you didn’t think that home improvement companies could improve your health, did you? According to senior NHS managers, calling on them to help with your home could keep you healthy.

But how exactly does that work? Well, the NHS thinks that if your home is in a better state of repair, it’s less likely to damage your health. Find out the home improvements ‘the doctors’ are ordering for you.
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Electrical Fire Safety Week: 3 Causes of Electrical Fires

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This week is Electrical Fire Safety Week, the week where Electrical Safety First works with the Government’s Fire Kills Campaign to promote fire safety in the home.

Did you know that over half of all accidental house fires are caused by electricity? A huge 90% of these electrical fires are caused by electrical products.

We’ll go through 3 causes of electrical fires and how you can prevent them from happening.
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Gas Safety Week: Signs your Boiler Needs Servicing

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It’s Gas Safety Week between 19th and 25th September, which is run by the Gas Safety Register.

It aims to raise awareness of the importance of being gas safe in your home and making sure you employ Gas Safe registered engineers to carry out work on your appliances.

One of the most significant gas appliances in your home is your boiler, and you should make sure that it is cared for properly for you and your family’s safety and comfort.
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