Grants for double glazing

Inefficient homes lose a lot of heat through various outlets, including the windows, loft and walls. There are a range of insulation measures to deal with this, including loft lagging, cavity insulation and for windows, double glazing.

A double glazed unit is manufactured to combat heat loss, with an energy efficient gas spacer inserted between two panes of glass. The motionless gas, usually Argon, Xenon or Krypton, helps to retain heat in the home as it can’t pass through.

With this type of window in place, you’ll save hundreds of pounds on home heating, whilst cutting carbon emissions and improving the security of your property. So what double glazing grants are available?

There are two schemes you could take advantage of if you’re considering double glazing windows:

The Green Deal

Plenty of heat is lost in the home because of inefficient windows and the Government’s Green Deal scheme is aimed at improving energy efficiency by providing loans for the initial installation.

Loans worth up to £10,000 are provided for homeowners wanting to upgrade insulation or home heating, including the installation of double glazed windows. Once installed, the loan will be repaid with the money saved on energy bills.
double glazing
Of course, despite not making a huge saving annually because of repayments, you’ll also have the benefit of extra security, a warmer home and lower carbon footprint.

The scheme is part of the Government’s agenda to improve energy efficiency in 26 million households by 2030. Properties are assessed individually to calculate energy saving potential and payback rates.

If you’d rather pay the full installation costs yourself and be free of any loans, that’s possible too. Just compare quotes from vetted and reputable trade professionals in your area to get the best price on the market and a top quality double glazing company.

The Warm Front Grant

The Warm Front Scheme is available to people in England and is designed to benefit those who are on low incomes or the elderly. The grant helps to fund energy efficiency measures in order to keep the home warmer.
Double glazing
On top of a number of other home improvements, new windows such as double glazing are included in the scheme. The Warm Front offers loans of up to £3,500, or even £6,000 for homes heated by oil or is renewable technology is recommended.

Warm Front eligibility

The Warm Front Scheme is eligible for those who meet one of the following:

  • Income, disability, tax or housing deductions or benefit
  • Is pregnant
  • Has a child under 16-years-old
  • Is aged 60 or over

There is the possibility of being accepted onto the Warm Front Grant even if you don’t meet one of the criteria set out. After applying to the scheme you’ll be assessed for eligibility for both the Warm Front and other benefits.

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