How to Keep Your Driveway in Top Condition

A new driveway is a significant investment. Installing a brand new driveway will take up time and money but it’s usually worth it. It will have a positive effect on you and your household and create a great first impression of your home to visitors.

So once you’ve invested in a new driveway it’s vital to maintain it. This will reduce your long term spending and ensure you have a driveway that you’re happy with for longer.

To help you look after your driveway, we’ve made a guide on how to look after different types of driveway.


Gravel driveways are long-lasting, but only if you take care of them. Unfortunately, they require more maintenance compared to most other types of driveway.

There are two primary things you can do to maintain your driveway:

  • Weed regularly
    Weed your driveway frequently to keep it in good condition. This can be done by hand, using a hoe or with weedkiller. Do this a little often and it will never be a big job.
  • Rake regularly
    Raking your driveway now and then will keep it level and avoid gravel displacement. It will also help to prevent potholes developing.

    If any potholes do appear, fill up them with gravel as soon as possible so they don’t become a hazard.


Asphalt is a popular driveway surfacing material and it’s easy to see why. An asphalt driveway can look neat and stylish and last for a long time. To maintain it you need to:

  • Clean it
    Wash your driveway from time to time. This will prevent dirt and debris from building up and becoming difficult to remove. Mop up any spillages as quickly as you are able to, using detergent with a degreaser if necessary. This will help to prevent affected areas becoming permanently discoloured.
  • Look out for damage
    Keep an eye out for damage or cracks on your driveway. If you find them early on you can repair them before they get worse and start getting expensive.


Concrete is another common driveway surfacing material. A concrete driveway is very durable – it can last up to 50 years. To keep it in good condition you should:

  • Seal it
    Coat your driveway with a sealer to protect it from damage. You should do this every 2 years or so or whenever it’s displaying signs of wear and tear.
  • Clean it
    Wash your driveway frequently and mop up any oil or fuel spillages as quickly as you can. This should help to stop stains from seeping down into your driveway and staining it permanently.


Paving is popular as it lets property owners make a distinctive driveway. With brick, concrete and lots of different kinds of natural stone available, you can use paving to create a unique driveway.

The main things you can do to maintain your driveway are:

  • Weed regularly
    Keep an eye out for weeds and grass growing between pavers and remove them as soon as possible. Try to pull out as many roots as you can to stop them re-growing.
  • Clean it
    Keep your driveway clean by sweeping and washing it. Using a brush and warm water should be sufficient but if you find any tough stains it’s a good idea to use detergent. Select one carefully though and be sure to follow the instructions – some cleaners can permanently mark driveways if used on the wrong material.

So whatever your driveway’s made of, you should be able to keep it in top condition with these tips.

Evy Coe

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