Your Last Chance to Install Solar

It’s your last chance to install solar panels and benefit from the Feed-in Tariff scheme (FITs). From 1st January 2016, the amount homeowners can earn per kWh of electricity generated could fall by 87% from 12.47p to 1.63p. You need to act quickly if you want to benefit from the higher tariff rate, as there is a huge market rush as homeowners race to get the most out of solar.

The eligibility closing date for the higher rate is 31st December, so start looking for quotes now to ensure you have enough time to apply to your energy company for the payments. Once you get the higher rate, you’re locked in to receive that tariff for the next 20 years, so you could earn up to £14,000 in addition to the savings on your electricity bills.

Solar panels are a great way to decrease your carbon footprint and save money on your ever-increasing energy bills. And whilst the Feed-in Tariff has been going down periodically every few months since its inception, this is in response to the costs of installation falling. So don’t delay in getting quotes from reputable MCS registered installers – get your solar panels installed now so you don’t miss out on the higher rate of FITs.
solar panels
There are so many benefits to installing solar panels on your property:

  • Protect yourself against rising energy prices
  • Earn up to £14,000 over 20 years TAX FREE
  • Reduce your carbon footprint by producing renewable energy
  • Increase the value of your home

Get up to four quotes from MCS registered installers before time runs out now.

Emily Rivers

Emily Rivers is the Customer Experience Manager at Quotatis. She informs customers of the latest developments in a range of products so they can make the best choice for their homes and ensures they get the best out of our service. For more information about Emily visit her Google+ profile.

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