Protect your home from the winter storms ahead

With winter in full swing, it’s time to make some essential preparations in order to keep your home protected from the elements.

Over the next few months we’re bound to have a combination of rain, wind and even snow, so it makes sense to be prepared for what will be thrown our way between now and spring.

Ensure your home is up-to-scratch and perfectly placed to survive the winter weather ahead.


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Roof: Your roof is one of the most important components of any property and keeps the home safe throughout the year. With heavy snowfall the roof is put to the test, so it’s important to ensure it’s strong enough to support the extra weight. Also make sure any repairs are completed as soon as possible, to prevent leaks and further damage being caused.

Insulation: When snow is in the air the outside temperature is going to be extremely low, so it’s vital your home is adequately insulated to keep heating bills to a minimum. There are a number of ways you can improve home insulation, such as with loft lagging, wall cavity insulation or even draught excluders.

Pipes: When snow’s on the ground, you know the temperature is icy to say the least. And one problem heavily associated with minus temperatures is pipes freezing. This can be a substantial issue because water won’t be coming into or leaving your home. Insulation is one useful solution to keep the pipes from freezing.


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Windows: It’s always nice to be wrapped up in the duvet at night when you can hear a storm in full force outside. But even better still, it’s great to know your home is suitably protected. With a storm there is likely to be high levels of wind and rain, so your windows are going to take a battering. Upgrade your windows and keep your home safe this winter.

Doors: Just like your windows, the external doors are also going to take a bruising during stormy weather. To prevent any unfortunate problems as a result it’s best to replace your old and tired front door well in advance of the bad weather. There are many fantastic styles and designs to complement your home and keep you as safe as houses.

Fencing: Have you ever woken up on the morning after a storm to find your neighbour’s fences blown across the garden? If the winds are strong enough, then fences with poor foundations can easily be lifted. Take a look at your own fencing. Does it look capable of surviving a storm? If not, then now’s the time to take action.

Trees: Trees in your garden can be a nuisance throughout the year, but particularly after storms you can expect damage to have been caused. In the summer months they can obscure sunlight getting into your garden, and in the winter cause mess and destruction. Hire a tree surgeon to trim back your trees and get them in a safe condition for the gusty winds ahead.


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Damp proofing: Damp is a common household problem that can cause serious damage to both the interior and exterior of your property. Damp will cause your home to be wet, cold and uncomfortable to live in. Solutions to damp problems include a damp proof course installed 150mm above ground level and clearing obstructions from your gutters.

Guttering: The guttering is an integral part of any property, but something often overlooked as it works perfectly fine on most occasions. The gutter system takes rainwater away from your home, protecting the property from moisture and leaks. If there are any obstructions or the guttering is in need of repairs, then serious damage can be caused to your home. Ensure to sort out your guttering before the winter hits in full force.

Drainage: Is your drainage system ready to cope with the excessive rainfall we can expect over the coming months? More and more towns in Britain have flooded in recent years as a result of rainfall, so be sure your property isn’t the next to suffer extreme damage. Have your drainage system checked and remove any blockages so it’s perfectly placed to do its job this winter.

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