Solar company to ease industry uncertainty

Solar Power UK has scheduled a number of road shows to combat the current uncertainty in the industry. Solar Power UK are the country’s leading events company for renewable energy and want to help people understand solar behind the Feed-in tariff argument. They’ll be travelling countrywide throughout the year to answer the industry’s most pressing questions.

This has all come from the debacle surrounding the government’s proposed Feed-in tariff reductions. In October, Minister of State for the DECC, Greg Barker, announced the solar PV Feed-in tariff would be hit with cuts from 43.3p/kWh to 21p. This was to take effect from December 12, but a legal challenge against the government has left the industry unsure of what will happen.

Solar Power UK’s ‘Coping with the Cuts’ road show is hoping to spread a more positive message across the industry in a bid to clear up this misunderstanding.

Although the Feed-in tariff reduction is expected to hamper the solar industry, severe cuts to the installation of solar technology could keep it as popular as ever. The road show speakers will explain how a 4kW PV system can generate an 8% return annually over a 25-year life expectancy. And this is at the reduced 21p tariff rate.

Speakers will also address the Green Deal, providing advice and information on how best to get involved. The Green Deal is a government run scheme that’ll launch in October and will help homeowners to make their properties more energy efficient.

Despite the cuts to solar Feed-in tariff rates, solar power still provides the perfect opportunity to generate free electricity and reduce your energy bills. Prices for electricity and gas will only increase in the next few years, so you should be prepared and install solar for your home.

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