4 Ways to Create Your Dream Living Room for Less

Your living room is one of the main rooms of your home. Whether you’re socialising with friends, spending time with family or just relaxing on your own, your living room is often the ideal place to do it.

For this reason, most people want their living rooms to look good. Lots of people think that to make their dream living room they have to part with a significant amount of money. But an attractive and fully-functioning living room doesn’t necessarily have to come at a price.

If you want a new living room but are on a budget, we’re here to help. Read on to find out 4 ways to create your dream living room for less.

1. Repaint

Repainting your living room is a great way to give it a new look without spending too much money. Of course, if you get a professional painter in the job will be far from cheap. But if you head down your local hardware store, buy the paint and do it yourself – you could save a significant amount of money.

When buying your paint, choose carefully. Avoid dark, intense colours as they’ll make your living room feel small and dark. Go for light shades that will give the room personality without taking over.

If you’re reluctant to paint the whole room or have a particular bright colour that you really want to use, consider creating a feature wall. Just make sure that if you use a bold colour on this wall, you paint or keep the others a light, neutral shade.

2. Invest in your flooring

Putting some time into your flooring is another way to spruce up your living room. If you’re after new flooring but don’t want to spend too much, carpet is probably your best choice. You can get carpet at a range of prices and if you’re feeling handy you can save money by fitting it yourself.

If you don’t fancy installing your own carpet or don’t want to fork out for new flooring, there’s a lot you can do to give existing flooring a new lease of life. Whether you have wooden flooring, laminate or carpet, start off by giving it a good clean. Just make sure you read the manufacturer’s instructions so you don’t damage your flooring with the wrong cleaning product. Then consider buying a new rug or rugs for your room. This can be just as effective as re-flooring your living room and will cost significantly less.

3. Refurnish

Replacing your sofas, chairs or other pieces of furniture is guaranteed to give your living room a new look. And doing so won’t necessarily cost the earth.

Instead of heading out to a mainstream furniture shop, consider taking a look in some end-of-line furniture outlets. There are lots of shops that stock furniture from major high street brands that has been returned or is left over stock. Products from these outlets are often as high-quality as furniture straight from a high street shop but are considerably cheaper.

You can also get lots of second-hand furniture at great prices. While there will always be used furniture that’s being sold because it’s in poor condition, don’t forget that people also sell furniture because they don’t need it anymore, don’t have space or are moving house. Keep an eye out in local charity shops and on online sites and you may find a great bargain.

4. Accessorise

Accessorising can be a great way to create your dream living room without spending much time or money. Replacing things like lamp shades, cushions, curtains and picture frames can make a huge difference to the look of your living room.

Again, keep an eye out for quality second-hand or end-of-line products if you don’t want to invest in new items. But wherever you buy them from, changing the little things in your living room will cost relatively little and can make a big impact.

So creating your dream living room doesn’t necessarily have to break the bank. Using these tips you should be able to turn your living room in an attractive and stylish area at a cost that suits you.

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