5 Autumn Updates for your Home from Emily Henderson

Autumn is fast coming to a close, but that doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy the charm of fallen leaves and pumpkin spice for a little while longer. There are lots of things you can do in your home to bring the autumnal feel inside.

To help you capture the autumn atmosphere, here are Emily Henderson’s top ways to decorate your home in an autumnal style. Many of these tips work great for winter, too – so don’t feel like you need to redecorate as it gets colder! Emily Henderson was speaking to Apartment Therapy.

Use textured fabrics for a cosy effect

Emily’s first tip is to look for textiles made from textured materials to create a softening effect. Layer different textures by using throws and pillows on top of furniture coverings to create a sense of cosiness and warmth. Use cable knits, faux furs or even velvets. Don’t worry too much about it becoming overpowering – the effect is compounded by adding textures.

Find your own colours

Emily says that ‘orange is not my spirit colour, and it never will be’. But she still uses other autumnal colours to build up her palette. She says, ‘I’m hoping to make my fall palette more about blacks and charcoals with hits of blush and gold’.

Don’t be afraid to make your seasonal palette your own! Choose your own warm colours for an autumnal feel that’s fresh and feels new and vibrant.

Go for muted or dark patterns

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Emily’s third autumnal style tip is to go for dark patterns. She loves dark florals but says that plaid or tweed can also work well, especially on linens or a throw pillow. These autumnal patterns are a great seasonal feature, and if you keep them subtle you can switch them easily to keep things fresh. Bright patterns can be overpowering in autumn. Go for muted, moodier patterns to create an autumnal feel.

Be creative with your pumpkins

Pumpkins are an autumn staple, whether you use them for food or decoration! While you’re decorating, though, use pumpkins as an opportunity to be creative and bring a splash of colour.

However, you don’t have to use traditional orange pumpkins. Emily suggests using faux pumpkins in black, white or gold, but her hot tip for this year is ‘porcelain doll’ pumpkins, which are ‘closer in colour to blush’. Use these coloured pumpkins to tie a space together and add autumnal decoration.

Use a fire as a decorative centrepiece

Emily’s last tip is to get the fire going! Whether you’ve got a real fireplace or a gas fire, or even a purely decorative one, turn it on to provide a beautiful and authentic focal point in your room.

If you haven’t got a fireplace, consider using scented candles to create a similar effect on a smaller scale. Always be safe when you’re using fire or candles!

Use these tips to give your home a beautiful autumnal boost. Let us know @Quotatis if you’ve got any other autumn decorating ideas!