6 Celebrity Kids’ Rooms You’ll Be Dying to Recreate

Kids’ rooms are tricky to get right. With so many things to decorate while also making it practical and easy to change, creating the perfect room for your child is a challenge.

We’ve compiled some of the best celebrity kids’ rooms for you to use as inspiration. Although sometimes garish and over the top, they’re full of great ideas that you can use in your own rooms. Take a look at what happens when the rich and famous are let loose on their kids’ rooms.

Kourtney Kardashian – Penelope

Image via Instagram

Kourtney Kardashian created this beautiful room for her first daughter, Penelope. With several different shades of pastel pink and red, the resulting space is gentle yet stylish. We particularly like the repeating heart pattern on the ceiling, coupled with the bold patterned rug.

A statement blue-green chandelier does an excellent job of breaking up the colour and giving a splash of contrast. The room highlights the power of working with a theme and sticking to it.

Will and Jada Pinkett-Smith – Willow

Image via Architectural Digest

This space, for the Pinkett-Smith’s oldest daughter Willow, shows a more adult side of a room designed for a teenage child. The beautiful four poster bed dominates the space but the more modern, patterned canopy stops it from being overbearing. A comfy matching bench settee sits at the end of the bench.

The room is decorated in neutral tones but an array of bright, patterned cushions brings in a burst of colour. This is a great strategy for decorating older kids’ rooms. As their tastes evolve, the room can be updated by changing accessories to freshen up the whole space.

Lucy Liu – Rockwell

Image via House & Home

Lucy Liu shared some gorgeous images of her two-year-old’s playroom, designed by One King’s Lane. The space is sophisticated and reminds us that spaces that children can love and enjoy don’t have to actually be childish.

The room features beautiful armless grey chairs that are brightened up by patterned cushions, set against a slate carpet. The space oozes modern style but has plenty of space for a child to play.

Kourtney Kardashian – Mason

Image via My Domaine

Kourtney Kardashian created this kids’ room for her second child, Mason. We love the striped ceiling and patterned wallpaper, which create a gorgeous and captivating space.

The unique accessories give this room a real sense of character and the personalised building blocks and cushion really reinforce this. Sometimes simple touches are all that’s needed to really make a child’s room their own.

Neil Patrick Harris – Gideon

Image via Architectural Digest

Neil Patrick Harris’ space for his son, Gideon, is a great example of a relaxing space. The neutral blues and greys create a calming room but the brighter blues in the artwork and toys give the room a boost.

Kids’ rooms need to be spaces for both fun and relaxation, so make sure your child’s room has calming elements to create a chilled space.

Ashlee Simpson – Bronx

Image via Kids Bedroom Ideas

Ashlee Simpson’s bedroom for her son, Bronx, shows what an amazing wall mural can do to a room. While Simpson commissioned an ex-Disney artist to paint this one, you can achieve a similar effect on a DIY budget with stencils or designed wallpaper. Large double doors let plenty of light into this room and dark wood panelling completes the stylish effect.

We’re hoping these gorgeous celebrity kids’ rooms have given you some inspiration for your own children’s bedrooms. Tweet us @Quotatis with your best tips for decorating great spaces for kids!

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