Cold Homes Week: How to Check You’re on the Cheapest Energy Tariff

As energy prices continue to rise, we’re seeing our energy bills getting higher and higher even though a lot of us are doing our best to save energy. This Cold Homes Week, check that you are on the cheapest energy tariff so you don’t have to scrimp on heating to save money. There are some simple steps you can take to make sure you’re getting the best deal.

Check with your current supplier you’re on the cheapest energy deal

The easiest way to check if you’re on the cheapest energy tariff is to call your supplier. Most of them have up to four tariffs for gas and electricity, and you can often get discounts for having both fuels with the same company. Once a year, your supplier will tell you which tariff is cheapest for you. But suppliers regularly release new fixed-price tariffs, so you could contact them to see whether a new one is available.

Is there a cheaper way to pay your bills?

You could be spending too much on your energy bills just because you’re paying by cash or cheque. The cheapest way to pay is by Direct Debit, and you could save up to £100 a year. You could also get a discount if you choose to receive your bills online, as it reduces the supplier’s costs.

Switch energy supplier

If you’ve checked that your supplier is offering you the best deal and you’re already paying by Direct Debit, it may be worth looking into switching energy supplier. If your energy is supplied by one of the ‘big six’ companies, you’re probably overpaying for your energy. Use an Ofgem-approved switching website to find the cheapest tariff.

Once you’re on the cheapest tariff, you should notice the difference in your pocket and you won’t have to turn the heating off to save money. Using our other tips from earlier in the week, you should be able to keep your home nice and warm for the rest of the winter.

Age UK’s Cold Homes Week campaign is aimed at asking the government to reform their energy efficiency schemes so older people are not left cold during the winter. Last year, 40,800 older people died from the cold and the charity is asking people to post a selfie holding a lit candle on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram to remember those people. Find out more about their campaign on their website.

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